Edinburgh Gay Men's Chorus is managed by a committee that meet regularly to discuss opportunites, challenges and ideas. The committee is elected by our members at our AGM. Here is our wonderful committee and what each of them do for the choir! All of our committee are very friendly and willing to help so if you have any questions or are new and coming along for the first time please do feel free to talk to any of them.

Musical Director - James Wilkinson

James is our musical director. James spends a lot of time working on arrangements of songs for the choir, he is always thinking of new and exciting ways to translate songs to fit our chorus. James then spends many, many, many hours teaching the choir the songs and he is patient if a section need to go over something again. James has a fantastic ear and pushes us to reach new levels because he knows that we can create a beautiful sound.

Assistant Musical Director - Steven Wren


Our assistant musical director is Steve. When he isn't directing pantomimes across Scotland Steve is busy helping with the overall look and feel of our concerts. He works closely with James on music and arranges several songs for us as well! Steve has years of experience in the professional world of theatre and is always able to give us tips on ways to make our concerts even stronger. Steve often MCs at our concerts and is brilliant at making our audience laugh.

​Chairman - Chris Smith

Chris is the chairman of EGMC. He is responsible for running our committee meetings, making sure that they run smoothly and ensures that everyone agrees with potential opportunities or actions. Chris also gives announcements at our rehearsals, ensuring that everyone is up to date on what is happening with the choir.

Events Manager - David Blair

David takes charge of our events and works hard to ensure they go well. If you are looking to book us David is the person who will work with you to find out more about your event and to see if we are able to perform for you. David takes great care with organising our events, checking numbers, preparing briefings for the choir and checking details in advance.

Secretary - Adam Fuller


The choir's secretary is Adam. Adam takes minutes at every committee meeting, these are then made available to our members to read. Adam also emails out a monthly round up for our members keeping everyone up to date with what is happening and any events that are coming up. If you are thinking of joining us then Adam is the person to speak to as he will be able to give you information on where and when we rehearse along with answer any other questions you may have.

Treasurer - Mike McMonagle

Mike is our treasurer. He deals with our finances, membership fees and invoices.​ Mike keeps an eye on our expenses and works with us to safeguard the choirs finances. He keeps records for us. He ensures that membership fees are up to date or waived, which ensures there is no barrier for members to join if they are on a low income. Mike is also the person who deals with payments when the choir is hired for an event or performance.

​PR & Marketing Director - Matt Cormack

Finally we have Matt our PR & Marketing Director. Matt is the person who runs our Facebook, Twitter and our website. If you tweet us, comment on our Facebook page or send us a message through them he will be the person who will respond. He updates all of these regularly and is the person to speak to if you have a general enquiry. Matt is also the person who designs our posters, flyers and programmes creating original designs that will grab people's attention and get everyone excited for our concerts.

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